Monday, October 5, 2015

Currently. Sept 2015

Things I am currently:

Obsessing over,
Working on, 
Thinking about, 
Listening to,
Praying for,
Remembering, Happy about.  

1. I am obsessing over:
  • I'm leaving on Sunday for Arizona and do not own a bathing suit. 
  • Trying to arrange a Thanksgiving dinner me + for 3 boys. It shouldn't be this difficult. Good thing I'm in Project Management, because this is definitely a project that needs managing. 
  • My new boots. I bought two pair -  one in brown. One in black. But since I've purchased them the weather has been HOT. Like flip flop weather hot. But. Seriously? Flips flops to work after summer officially ends, with non-pedi'd toes is wrong x 1000. 
  • I STILL haven't bought a butane curling iron. I am a loser when it comes to shopping. Why do I hate malls so much?
  • I am still deeply affected by the HUMANS OF NEW YORK posts. This current set has Brandon in  Europe, visiting refugee camps. He's photographing the residents, the workers, the folks who are volunteering. My heart aches with each new post. If you don't follow him (Brandon) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, go to his blog here. There are SO MANY PEOPLE who don't have homes/don't have a country/don't feel safe/have been abused. How,how,HOW did I get to be so lucky?
2. I am working on:
  • learning a new way to share photos. Clint is encouraging me to use We Transfer instead of burning DVD's for my friends/photo subjects. First batch are uploading now... it's only going to take 3 hours. 
  • getting my home office, and my work office, tidied/cleaned up before the long Thanksgiving weekend. I have a new "assistant" at work to help me prepare and forward PO's and do my light filing. If I die on this vacation, I should like to think that anyone having to rummage through either of my desks would be impressed with how organized and up to date I am. 
  • not enough things. It's once a month, when I sit down to do this list - things I am working on - when I realize I could/should be working on a whole lot more. Like, coming up with a do-able exercise plan. Putting myself on a budget. Reading my Bible more intentionally. Responding to emails and texts in a more timely manner. I should work on my punctuality. My bedtime. My need for more fibre. WHY AM I NEVER WORKING ON THESE THINGS? I will. This coming month? I will start working on amazing thing. You will not recognize me. 

3. I am thinking about:
  • my friend Marg who starts an intense 6 months of Chemo in a few days. 
  • Newlyweds and all that shiny, glowing, fresh love.
  • New grandchildren, and how my friends go all soft and gooey when talking about them.
  • The fall. And how it's a season to begin things. At least for me it always has been. What have I started?
  • Grieving. And how there are so many people in my life in the midst of that emotion right now, and I don't know what to do. Bring popsicles? Have flowers delivered? 
  • My boys. I'm always thinking about them. 
  • My daughter-in-laws. And how I love them already. And can hardly wait to meet them. Haha. 
  • My role as grandma. Almost all of my grandma-friends are doing at least one day of daycare. Arrrrgh. I will not be that grandma. I am going to work right up til the day of my funeral. Which I will have planned out in advance so as to not inconvenience anyone. 
  • Next year. When my dad died, I told my mom I'd stay for one more year. I've been looking at apartments and townhomes online and wonder where I'll be living next summer... I hope it has wood floors and a brick wall. And a southern balcony/deck. And room for 8 people to sit around a table. And a place for those 8 people to park their cars. 
  • Planning a Good Ideas party, just like the one I had in 2012. I love it when women share their good ideas. 
4. I am anticipating:
  • A week in Arizona. First, a couple days in Sedona (check that one off the bucket list) then the rest of the week in Phoenix. Hopefully going to watch a hockey game while we're there...
  • Attending another Public Salon event at the end of October. SO interesting when we went to our first one last April. 
  • Attending an Alpha meeting or two this month. First time ever. 
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving in a, most-likely, non-traditional way. 
  • Celebrating a birthday or two.
  • Discussing another great book with some friends this month.
  • Reading 3 - 4 books next week and I can hardly wait.

5. I am listening to:
  • Again. No new songs added to my playlist this month. Anyone have a recommendation? I'm in a slump.
6. I am eating:
  • NEW FOODS I'VE TRIED THIS MONTH - both thanks to my attendance at weddings:1. rutabaga. 2. butternut squash lasagne
7. I am praying for:
  • People I care about who have a child struggling with addiction. 
  • People I care about who are living in recovery. 
  • People I care about who are mourning the deaths of someone they loved. 
  • Couples who are struggling to get pregnant.
  • People with cancer, or chronic illness, or aches and pains. 
  • The whole refugee crisis. 
  • Leaders. Political leaders. Business leaders. Church leaders. Organizational leaders.
  • The entertainment industry; from the producers, directors, script-writers, set-designers, carpenters, actors, camera crew, costume makers to the make up people. 
  • Friends who write books.
  • My kids, their friends, their girlfriends, their employers, their co-workers, their roommates, their landlords, their neighbours ...

8. I am reading:
  • An Echo in the Bone (book 7 of the Outlander series)
  • Station 11 (a re-read for book club) GREAT discussion, and still has me thinking...
  • One Plus One by Jojo Moyes (I stayed up til 4 am two nights in a row to start and finish it.)
  • The Royal We (written by the Go Fug Yourself girls. I enjoy their blog, and the book was on sale for $3.99 on my Kindle...) This book has tainted my opinion of Wills, Kate and Harry forever. Haha.

9. I am remembering/Happy about:

  • Evening/night walks in Vancouver. And shopping (!) at the London Drugs in Olympic Village. (That one's become my LD.)

  • Remembering my trip to the Yukon.

I loved getting a glimpse into a totally different way of life. Was in awe of the stunning, stark, vast, epic landscapes. Thrilled to stay with Arj and Karm and share their lives for 4 days. Still remembering that cupcake. Smiling about the morning we spent at the Wildlife Centre. And will probably never get over the trauma of sharing a hotel room with a married couple and snoring in bed beside them. 

  • Also remembering the 'field trip' we went on the day after I got back from the Yukon ... 6 designers in a borrowed van, got lost in Vancouver before getting a tour of Met Printers:

I really like and totally respect the people I work with. 

  • And The Deck. The boys finished it off this month. Stripping and staining. Late into the night. So very proud. 

(Will continue this post later.)

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends who live *just over there who don't mind walking in the hood after dark.
2. Sunny, hot, put-on-an-old-bathing-suit weather ON OCT 4.
3. Weddings. Love. Commitment. Family. Vows. Hugs. Kisses. 


Sunday, October 4, 2015

And she's back.

I am having a hard time blogging.
Maybe you've noticed?

I have this good life.
This very, very awesome life and there are people around the world who are suffering.

And there are friends who are in pain.
Who've received bad news, who are struggling in their marriages, who's marriages have ended, who's families are dealing with addiction issues, unemployment, depression, financial challenges ...

And in my bigger world, students are being shot at the college just a 6 hour drive down the coast, and refugees are running scared on the other side of the Atlantic.

It feels shallow and small and empty and wrong to be blogging about the opportunities I have, the place that I live, the things that I do - when there's so much blech going on.

I haven't been blogging.
Or, rather, I haven't been publishing the blog content that I've been posting. It just sits here. Not being shared.


And then yesterday, at the #happilyeverekkert wedding, a few guests stopped me during the reception to say kind words to me about this blog.


Is that all it takes?
For someone to say that they've been impacted by this little spot of the internet, and I'm back to sharing thoughts and photos?

Looks like it.


for anyone that wonders/likes peaking in on what an average, middle aged, divorced, over-weight, Christian mom's life looks like in the year 2015, I'll keep this going. Praying God will use pixnprose for His purposes.


Sept 20
This is the driveway to Stillwood Camp.
When I was a little girl, these trees were just planted. 

I spent a week here once or twice in my young lifetime. 
And Clint and Max worked here for a couple summers.
And Drew spent a week here too. 

And last Saturday Tanya and Nate got married here.

It was a wet day.
So it got moved inside, where everyone, especially the bride, had fun:

This? Below? Is my favorite photo of the day. I just loved their relaxed smiles, the fact that it was David's idea to do this pose, and best of all, it turned out in focus with perfect lighting.

And this was a very close second:

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Declarations of love.
2. People who are proud of their relationships; husband/wife, mother/child, father/child, grandparent/grandchild, etc. I love photographing people who are happy to be with each other. Proud to say, 'this person is mine'...
3. Encouraging words.


Thursday, September 24, 2015

First Day of Fall

Three things I'm thankful for:

  • A fun-and-love-filled wedding last weekend. 
  • A successful 'field trip' with part of the Creative Team at work.
  • Coffee with friends who wonder what legacy we will leave behind.
  • My cold, which I caught on my last night in the Yukon is almost gone.
  • 2/3 of the OBros were over for supper. One of them hooked up my TV, and was disappointed/frustrated that I needed to make notes.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Yukon Four

Her: We should be on the road by 7 am.
Me, to myself: Oh.
Her: Oh, wait. There's a one hour time difference. We can leave at 8.
Me, to myself: OK.
Arj: I'll drive. You girls can sleep.
Me, to myself: Yup, would've anyways.

Before we left a took a few pics (of their place) while they patiently waited for me.

I crossed the highway and took a pic to my left - this is the Pleasant Camp border crossing:

And I took a pic straight ahead - this is where the folks who guard the border live.
(In between the two pics is a construction zone, where a diesel spill is being cleaned and a new office will be built.)

And that's it. No other buildings of any kind for about 50 miles.

I got into the backseat of the car, surrounded myself with blankets and pillows and slept til we got to Whitehorse (3hour drive).

We stopped for groceries.
Salads for each of us.

And then cupcakes.

Cream cheese, chocolate on a vanilla cake.

I would fly back up there just for another one.

Two hours later, we arrived in Skagway.
This was the sign on the back of the bathroom stall's door.

I was in the correct position when I took this photo, as you no doubt can tell from the angle.

Arj decided to hang around town, shop, eat, sightsee - while Karm and I took a 3 hour train ride.

Twas lovely.

It was a trip into the mountains, ending at the summit/border between USA and Canada.

Beautiful scenery that was very BC-like.

The summit.

And just like they promised, three hours later, we were back in Skagway:

Which during the Gold Rush had a population of 3,500.
Today the population is 800.

Definitely a town set up sole-y for tourists.

Red Onion wall decorations includes a collection of bed pans.

By 5 pm the town was vacant. All tourists/shoppers had gone back to the cruise ship, so we headed back to Whitehorse.

Karm slept in the front seat.
I tried to take a few scenic pics from the back seat, but gave up eventually.

The terrain in Alaska:

The colours of the Yukon:

We got back to Whitehorse around 8 and were the last customers seated at this interesting shack that served AMAZING food. Because it had no insulation in the walls or ceiling it was closing for the season on Friday...

Karm and Arj shared this bread pudding dessert:

And ate everything but the raisins.

We were the last to leave.

And from there we drove over to our hotel.

At the reservation desk...

Clerk: Here are your keys. (She hands them to Karm,)
Me: Did you make reservations for me as well?
Karm: Pffft. You're staying with us.
Me: Uh. No. I'll get my own room.
Clerk: Sorry. We don't have any more rooms. We are full up tonight.
Arj, to Karm: I told you ... I didn't think she'd want to share a room.
Karm: Really this is no big deal, is it?
Me: Uhhhh.


If only I didn't snore, this would not have been an issue.
But I could feel this cold coming on - I was congested and swallowing razor blades. I just KNEW the night breathing noises would be obscenely loud.

PLUS? The thermostat was stuck on 80 degrees. That room? Was hot.


I obviously didn't die of embarrassment.

And at 5:45 I got up, caught the shuttle, got on the plane and headed back south.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. A fabulous trip, with generous, laid back, fun hosts.
2. A ride home from the airport by Danica.
3. A job that allows me to work from home when I can't stop coughing/blowing my nose.



Me, in the Yukon: