Saturday, September 20, 2014

Osoyoos, You have a GAZILLION stars...

Oh Soy Youse

It's in BC's desert. And it's awesome.

The drive here was spectacular.
I stopped to take a pic at least half a dozen times; it's just that pretty.

It was 26 degrees at 6:30 tonight.

I love this place.

We walked from her place at Paradise, along the highway, to Ella's for Greek tonight.

Then came back and watched Kinky Boots.
(Well, two of us watched it, Someone slept through it.)

(Which, is a British movie. Haha. Of course it is. And I had nothing to do with choosing it.)

Heather's place is a trailer.
She's sleeping in the bedroom.
Sandra is sleeping in the closet.
And I'm outside,

On a couch.
It's awesome.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends with places.
2. This life I get to live.
3. Cool night air.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Three, 3, III

1,2,3 Things I'm thankful for:

  • Book Club on Monday night. We talked about this book. And how it's sad that people (in this case a married couple) avoid the hard conversations because of the impact it will have on the relationship. True, once you open up a can of worms, you can't be sure of the conclusion. It could all go terribly awry, with an even larger rift resulting.  BUT, it's worth the risk, because things? Could get substantially better. And the relationship would be real, based on honesty not on fear.

  • I am thankful for a drizzly wet walk along the seawall on Tuesday night. Who knew I'd love it just as much as a dry evening? And the best part (besides the conversation?) Was the grilled cheese sandwich afterwards at Terra Breads. SO delish. Comfort food at False Creek. 

  • Dinner (again) after that with Clint. (His place was on my drive home, so I asked him if he was ready for his second supper at 9. He was.) (For the record. I had a salad for MY second supper.)
  • I am thankful that I could spend some time with Drew tonight after work. He's moved into a basement suite! He lives a few blocks from my work! He and I went to Costco and stocked his place with frozen foods and miscellaneous decor items. So fun. 
  • And then I met a friend for coffee. Just seems like the perfect thing to do on drizzly nights, no? We talked about quantum physics, brains, and energy. Bet you weren't expecting that. I haven't been part of a boring conversation in years. 
  • And after that? I drove over to Coquitlam to hang a gift bag on a friend's front door. We always chat at midnight. And tonight at midnight? It would be her birthday. So. When she came online, I was looking forward to saying, go look at your front door. Haha. She? Was not expecting that
    • AND it's the weekend. I am so thankful for THAT.


    Have you popped by to see Tricia and my photo mash up blog
    And, by the way, I did go back and finish this post... 

    Wednesday, September 17, 2014


    Did you see this on the news tonight?

    This is Max's community.
    He knew the deceased; he worked at The Door. (Which is where Max went for treatment.)
    "He had a huge impact on a lot of peoople ..."

    In addition to helping addicts change their lives, he volunteered with Search and Rescue.
    He will be missed.

    If you've got a sec, could you pray for them all?
    Such a tragic loss to the recovery community in New West.

    Three things I'm thankful for:

    1. Hope
    2. Brothers-in-law
    3. Brothers


    Tuesday, September 16, 2014

    Everything's Fine ...

    ... until it's not.

    It just sneaks up on you... this feeling of things being not so fine.

    And then you have to decide; how am I going to react to this? This feeling.


    It hit me tonight. (This was written a few nights ago...)
    Like, walloped me good.

    So I baked brownies.

    And prayed.

    Sometimes that's all you can do.


    Well. I guess I could've done some sit ups.
    Or floor exercises.


    Or I could've started drinking.
    Or popping pills.


    Or going on a good rant.

    So, considering all my options, I didn't do too badly.


    It's always a choice, isn't it?


    Dear God,

    I know.

    I know in my head that You are at work.

    And that which I can see? Is only a tiny part of the big picture.
    You're on it.

    You're ahead of it.

    You've already gone where we are heading and have situations and people in place. Just waiting.


    And even though I know all that... I still have these feelings.
    Of hurt. Fear. Disappointment. Longing.

    I've been keeping myself pretty busy, worried, I guess, that if I slow down, I'm going to have to face emotions that I don't want to acknowledge.

    How come it feels like its the 'same old' over and over again.
    Like, I was sure, WAS SURE, I  had laid some things to rest. That I had peace about them. That I had forgiven and moved on.

    And then, Boom. Just like that. Those same feelings get stirred up AGAIN, and crap, I am just so tired of it.  I'll hand it all over to you again tonight. And probably again tomorrow morning. And again in the afternoon.

    So exhausting.
    Hurt. Fear. Disappointment. Longing.

    You've got a plan, right?
    A good one?

    Well,OK then.

    I will hand them over to you.
    All 78 of them.
    OKFINE... 79. Fine. I'll pray for him too.
    You know who they all are. And what they need.
    So go at it.

    I'll just get out of Your way and watch in awe.

    Protect them.
    Guide them.
    Call them.
    Surround them.
    Reveal Yourself to them.
    Open their eyes.
    Enable them to respond.

    Love them.
    Give them hope.
    Provide them with wise mentors, faithful friends, positive co-workers, good employers.

    And for those situations that are coming up?
    I pray Your will be done.
    Use those occasions for Your purposes.

    I want to chill out about stuff I can't control.
    Help me to do that.


    Three things I'm thankful for:

    1. He listens when we pray.
    2. He is faithful and good. We can count on that.
    3. I didn't eat the whole pan of brownies.


    Monday, September 15, 2014

    Has It Really Been a Week?

    Local folks - have you tried out the new eatery in town?


    It's in the parking lot next to the Casino in Langley.

    And once you're seated, you'll totally forget you're in a parking lot, next to a 4 story parkade. I love the whole 'smoke and mirrors' feel to it. Only they didn't use smoke or mirrors, but plants and trellises. And it works wonderfully.

    Of course it helps that we are having a summery September.

    It felt like I was on a holiday... food was delish, setting was awesome, and of course, the company was the best. And the conversation? Meandered. Like, everywhere. From children, their marriages, and inevitable grandchildren, (Hahah. I mostly listen during this phase of the talking) to faith, (and how it changes as we age) to travel plans (hers are far more exciting than mine, and NO SURPRISE, hers involve bike riding. Along the coast in Ireland. Sighhhhh).

    We had lots of talking to do.
    We were the last customers in the place.

    I didn't do my laundry that night.


    Was our Annual Staff Fun Day.
    Timberline Ranch hosted us for the day.

    We took a school bus to get there.


    Rode a horse.
    And shot a bow and arrow AND HIT THE TARGET.

    (Not that anyone was keeping score.)

    We had to wear helmets. (This is our selfie in the barn's bathroom.) BEST part about my helmet? IT WAS A MEDIUM. I know, right?!

    This is not me, but this is the horse I rode. Her name is Hershey. She was awesome. It was like riding on a merry go round. Didn't matter what I did, that horse just followed the lead horse in front of her. So it was a bit relaxing. Except for the 1200 pounds of horseflesh between my legs giving me sore thighs and an aching bum.

    To be honest, it a bit like those Disneyland rides. Like, ehm, Autorama. Kids have the steering wheels and guide their cars very carefully along a guided rail track.

    Never-the-less, it was fun.
    And I rode a horse.

    Also, this is not me.
    Seriously no way to take a selfie of yourself with both hands handling a bow. And an arrow.

    But I looked just as cool at this:

    (Her and I are practically twins. We both drive identical vehicles and have blonde hair. Hard to tell us apart sometimes.)

    There was a photo booth  petting zoo:

    If we're keeping track of 'firsts' ... I had a meatball sandwich for lunch.
    Which, for the record?
    Was so delicious. I had a second.

    Staff Photo:

    (Click if you want to see it enlarged.)

    And then we took the bus back, stopping at Dairy Queen for Dilly Bars.

    And now you all wish you worked with me.
    Unless, of course, you're introverted.
    Then this whole day would look like a painful, scary, awful experience.

    The plan was to see a movie afterwards with a friend, but I got the start times messed up and we arrived too late/too early to see anything.

    So we walked under the last Super Moon of the season.
    And It Was Glorious.

    Early Fall evenings are amazing.
    Even if, between the two of you, you have a bad knee, aching thighs and a saddle sore bum.

    On Wednesday evening, I took two non-SeaWall walkers into Vancouver to walk one of the sea walls:

    Sadly, Wednesday night was also the night that the White Caps were playing soccer at the stadium.
    And Katie Perry was concerting at the Arena.
    So. Much traffic.
    And inflated parking costs.

    Regardless, it was still an incredible evening for a walk.
    So pretty.
    And warm.

    And a stunning backdrop for our two hours of 'catching up' ...

    We talked about kids, their weddings and grandchildren (again, I mostly listen during this) and faith, and aging and marriages and vacations. (And YES, cycling was covered, AGAIN. Apparently riding bikes into Montana is The Best Experience. Ever.)

    So much bike talk lately.

    I love visiting Vancouver.
    And then going back home.

    Thursday evening?
    Terrific fun.
    What started as a coffee date, ended up being a three hour tour.
    We met at Pier One:

    Where, surprisingly, we didn't feel the need to reorganize their displays.
    We've done this in the past.
    It's a throwback to those evenings that we used to work at Billie's together.

    Know what?
    It's a good thing I don't own a house right now.
    Because I'd be decorating with turquoise.
    Which might be 'in' today, but it'll definitely be 'out' tomorrow.

    From there, we walked across the parking lot to Home Sense:

    Where she bought mugs and I bought nothing.
    Because I have no home.
    I'm OK with that.

    Then we traipsed down to Chapters.
    Where you'd think we'd be looking at books.
    But no.
    We were on a home decor tour. Not a book store tour.
    THAT is for a later date.
    With possibly different participants.

    We were looking at doodads when all of a sudden she sighed and seemed very absorbed in the candle she was smelling.

    Me: What?
    Her: THIS.
    Me, leaning in to take a whiff: Hm. That's nice.
    Her: This? Is what a sexy man smells like,
    Me, leaning in, inhaling: Oh. Is that what they smell like these days?

    (In case you're wondering - it's called Crackling Firewood.)

    We ended our tour at Starbucks even though neither of us drinks coffee. It's the atmosphere. And tradition. We've been meeting here for about ten years.

    We usually get asked to leave.
    Because they're trying to close up and we're still talking.

    So many words to say.

    So many words to hear.

    Know what we talked about?
    Her vacation to San Diego.
    Guess what they did.


    They probs did other stuff too.
    I only remember the bike riding, because it seems to be a running theme.


    Friday was the start of my Bri-ish weekend.

    My English friend and I drove into Vancouver (must've been another big event taking place because traffic was nuts) to see this movie:

    ... which was about two British guys going on a roadtrip in Italy to review six restaurants.
    Oh. My. Goodness.

    The scenery.

    Their banter.
    Wickedly funny.

    The food.
    Mouth watering.

    The car and the roads:

    I left the theatre with two strong longings:
    1. To eat some pasta (linguine, preferably) with a tomato based sauce.
    2. Go on a road trip.

    And an item to add to my bucket list -
    Go to Italy.

    Seeing neither of us had eaten, we decided to stay in town and look for a place to have a really late dinner. On Commercial.

    We stumbled upon a cute little neighbourhood pub/bistro in a residential area:

    Which was quaint and loud and young and hip and it was good.
    I had the pasta.
    She had some appy's.

    And when we got back to my truck:

    I called BCAA to help me with my tire.

    In case you can't tell from the photo, my tire was flat.

    It was a beautiful night to sit and wait for help.
    Safe neighourhood.
    Big moon.
    Full tummy's.
    Good company.

    And we were home by midnight.

    As good as my week had been, I'd been counting down the days til Saturday morning.
    Was going to sleep in.
    And not talk to anyone til late in the afternoon.

    I live for quiet, stay in bed, daydream and don't get dressed Saturday mornings.

    Twas not to be....

    Drew was knocking on my bedroom window first thing on Saturday morning.
    I? Was very much not awake.
    And completely disoriented, having someone at my window.

    He was over to rummage through my boxes and whatnot to see what he could take.
    He and a friend found a basement suite to rent and were moving in over the weekend.

    (Sigh. He's growing up, And wanting to be independent. I know this is a good thing.)

    So we moved a few boxes and talked about the furniture and decided about the whatnot, then went out for a bite to eat.

    I had an hour after that to sit in the sun (mid-Sept and very much still tanning weather: 27 degrees!) before it was time to get ready.

    SIR Elton John.

    We drove into Vancouver in Heather's sexy car. 

    Look how cute and tiny her head looks. 
    Aaack. I hate being in foreground of pics.

    Anyway, photo aside, the ride in was spectacular. 
    I mentioned the 27 degrees, right?

    In addition to a sold out Elton show, the Lions were playing next door at the Stadium.
    The streets were packed with folks wearing orange.
    Vera cheerful. 

    There was a live band playing in the plaza and it felt like we stumbled into a grand street party. 
    Which? I guess we did.

    We sat behind these people, who provided us with many conversation topics. Like, "she is definitely not his wife. This is a date. LOOK HOW ATTENTIVE HE IS BEING." Or "How old is she? That is a sheer top and she doesn't have a bra on. Can you see nipples?"
    In case you were wondering, the average age was probably 58. And those folks in front of us. Were the average age.

    We did a lot of people watching.
    Know what?
    Super thin women with stiletto heels, tight pants and sparkly tops...
    Looked sexy as.
    But I bet they didn't have as much fun dancing AND WALKING as we did. They looked so stiff legged. And moved so carefully. And we? Did not.
    Oh so not.

    We stood and swayed and sang along. for the entire concert.
    I knew at least 80% of the songs.
    We had floor seats, ten rows from the stage.

    All kinds of awesomeness that night let me tell you or not.


    And then came Sunday.

    I sat outside for three hours and power read my book club book.
    My favorite kind of day.

    Drew came by to pick up my old family room couches and my kitchen table set.

    My fit brother came by to adjust the basement door. (He's lost over 40 pounds and weighs the same amount that he did when he graduated from high school. He looks great.)

    I went to visit my dad,

    Were we watched Shawshank Redemption.

    On my way home I bought some baking supplies:

    And for the first time since I moved in here, I baked.

    Cheese biscuits.

    And ate them warm, with melting butter and a cuppa tea while watching Outlander at 10 pm, with my mom suckin ice beside me and Jenn cyber chatting with me on Facebook.

    Some weekends are just too epic for words.

    All golden.

    Three things I'm thankful for:

    1. Theme weekends.
    2. Forgiveness
    3. Faith