Friday, October 31, 2014


Him: This will be a bit uncomfortable, but it will hurt only for a few minutes.
Me:Uh huh.
Him: First I'll put some freezing gel on the area. It will be fine.
Him: Open wide, please.
Him: Wider?
Him: Jane? Wider?

Meanwhile he's swabbing the inside of my mouth with the foulest tasting gel ever concocted. As it drips down the back of my throat I start gagging. The back of my tongue goes numb and so has my throat and everything feels like it's swelling and so my heart starts racing like I'm having a panic attack.

Him: Jane? Your tongue. You need to relax it.
Me: Glllllllllmgpphh
Him: Jane? Keep your mouth open please.
Me: Kngoangaafmasmgj

He picks up the needle and sticks the pointy end into my lower gumline.

Him: Sorry. This is going to pinch. Sorry. Sorry.
Me, to myself: Dear God. Help me through this. I don't want to die today. But my throat is closing...
Him: Jane? PLEASE. Your tongue. Move it.
Me, to myself: I can't feel my tongue. It's frozen and fat. Too thick for my mouth. I'm going to die.
Him: Are you OK? Just a few more spots ... sorry. This will hurt.

Meanwhile drops of bitter, vile freezing was dripping from his syringe into my mouth and causing my saliva to gush forth like a fountain. I thought I was going to drown. So. Much Spit. I kept trying to swallow it, but more and more was being produced, and I could barely swallow because my tongue and throat were all numb. Every attempt at swallowing caused my tongue to spasm.

Him: Jane? Could you Just. Rest. Your.Tongue?
Me: Gurgle.

Seconds before I died, he stopped.
And walked away, advising his assistant that I had an extremely small mouth with tight cheeks and a wayward tongue.

Him: I'll be back in a few minutes. Let's give that freezing a chance to work, OK?
Me: Uh huh.

I pulled myself up to the sitting position and worked on getting my breathing under control. No Way was I going to survive this procedure.

Her: You OK?
Me: As you can tell from the amount of fillings and caps I have, I have spent alot of time in the dentist chair. I used to fall asleep while I was being worked on. I was just that chill. But lately, I've been having trouble breathing when I get worked on, Especially when they put that dam in. My throat just feels like it's closing up. And then. Well. There's that tongue of mine. It has a life of its own. It must get discussed every time I get work done. I'm sorry, you're going to have to deal with it too.
Her: Oh, I'm at expert at tongues. I know how to keep it out of the way. We had another patient in today who had a crazy tongue.

Me, to myself: Crazy tongue. Nice.

About ten minutes later, the dentist was back and his assault on my mouth began.
So. Much. Pressure.
So. Much. Poking. Prodding. Pushing. Picking. Piercing. Pulling.

Him: Jane? You're going to hear some sounds now. Don't be alarmed.

And then he used some pliers that were 17 sizes too big for my mouth.
Him: Jane? I need you to open your mouth wider.
Him: Wider.
Him: Lower your chin.
Him: Jane? I need your mouth to be open wider.

My mouth was stretched to the point of splitting.
My temples were pounding.
My neck muscles (as such) were throbbing with tension.

No way I was going to live to see another day.
I was going to meet my maker on Thursday, Oct 30 at 4 pm.

I was ready.

Him: Jane? Wider, please? And there.... there..... (grunting) there. First root out.
He held it up in victory.

Him: K. Let's get going on the other one. And Jane? You really do need to keep your mouth open wider.

Seventeen hours later, the second root came out.
He and his assistant both leaned in to take a look at the new hole in my mouth.

Then they whispered to each other.

Him: OK. Now. There's an infection in there. I'm going to have to deal with it. The bones have to be clean for healing to occur. Open wide. And let me know if you feel any pain. Let me know immediately.

And then the scraping began.
It was the battle of hell was taking place in my mouth.

There was pain.
And I jumped out of my skin twice.

Him: Jane? I need to do my job. And that job is cleaning this bone. I can't do this unless you open your mouth wider. You need to do your part.

By now?
I was so tired of this entire event.

When the bone was clean enough to send me on my way, I pointed my truck towards home. It was pouring rain, I was out of gas, I hit 79 red lights, and I turned the wrong way twice. And then it took over an hour to get my prescription (for painkillers and a mouth rinse filled).

By the time I got home, I was done.

I took a T3 and went to bed. Two hours later the freezing had worn off and the T3's effectiveness was nowhere to be found.  My face was throbbing, my jaw was killing me, and I wanted my tooth back.

I texted Max. And told him I'd only gotten a few T3's, based on his example earlier this summer.
I couldn't believe the amount of pain he must've had a few months ago when he had his two bottom wisdom teeth pulled. (He only requested 6 of the 24 T3's available to him. So I did the same. I told the pharmacist to just give me 6.)

I had been invited to go out for dinner and a movie this evening with friends. I cancelled at the last minute. BUT when I was 'taking care' of Max that day in August, I TOOK HIM TO A MOVIE that evening. I canna believe it:


Oh my goodness.
I started counting the minutes til I could drug up again.
At 10 pm, I was swallowing tablets like a fiend. T3's and Advil.
And 11 minutes later?


So amazing.

So very amazing.

My next dose is at 2 am.

Which is in 40 minutes.
2400 seconds.

My wimpy-ness is a disappointment to me.

And I'm so, so very thankful that I live in this century. Where there are ways to freeze a mouth, and ways to clean bones hidden under tooth-roots. Where there are effective pain meds. Where I can spend an evening doing nothing because that's all I have the energy for. Where I have friends who text me to see how I'm doing.

Best. Century. Ever.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. This quiet house.
2. This comfortable bed.
3. This coming weekend.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

This ain't your momma's craft night...

Craft nights have evolved over the years...
In our grandmother's day, it probably looked like quilting or darning socks.

In our mom's day, it might have included decopauge. Or tole painting.

For us?
Beeswax candle making?
Cake decorating?
Jewellery making?

I was prepared tonight to make cards. Invited some friends to join me, telling them to bring anything they wanted to work on. Something creative.

I set out my work space on the table before everyone arrived, planning my projects for the evening:

I had made these a few years ago, and I wanted to make a few more.
Ones that were less ugly.

And I wanted to do something with the hearts I had cut out in 2012, just before I packed up all my crafting supplies:

And lastly I wanted to use this turquoise paper.
And was hoping that Terry or Maxine would have an idea or two.

But then two friends cancelled.
And the other two showed up with laptops.


THIS is what crafting looks like in 2014:

Notice how fast I cleared away my real craft supplies and transitioned into digital crafting.

So inspiring.
So fun.
So this century.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Paper
2. Font talk
3. Online photo book templates

Shalom friends,

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When's the Last Time You did Something for The First Time?

I saw that question posed on a poster on Pinterest this evening.

So I posted it on Facebook and got some responses.
And it got me thinking...

Here's my list:

  • Tonight is the first time I've put Christmas lights on before Halloween. (In my defence, it's dark down here, and I need it to be bright. So I've got the overhead light on, (which I'll replace with something dangly, something with many light bulbs. something like a chandelier but not so fancy) two lamps are on, plus a string of Christmas twinkle lights tossed artlessly into an old glass container. It's more cheerful (cheerfuller?) now. I don't regret it. 

  • Watched something on Netflix. And then watched something else. And then watched something else again... (Oct 18)
  • Ate Indian food at an Indian restaurant and didn't have a clue what any of it was. (Oct 9)
  • Attended a party where I only knew one other person. And I stayed right til the end. (Oct 9)
  • Offered to (and then did) pray, right then, out loud, in my office, for a (non-believing) salesperson who asked, "Could you pray for me?" (Oct 8)
  • Met an online friend in person. First time ever. (Oct 2/3)

(Pics taken on my phone by Tricia's 5 year old granddaughter, Kate.)
  • Vacationed in Florida for the first time and felt that wonderful sand. And had real Key Lime Pie for the first time. And then I had it again. And again. (Oct 1 - 5)
  • Rode a horse and shot some arrows from a bow for the first time. (Sept 2014)
  • Saw Elton John in concert. Had floor seats. 10 rows from the stage. BOOM (Sept 2014)
  • I SAW A FRIGGEN HUGE COMET blow up/burn up as it careened toward earth. Twas amazing. (Aug 2014)
  • Walked across a couple bridges for the first time. (Burrard St and Lions Gate) (Summer 1014)
  • Walked all the seawalls in Vancouver, most of them for the first time. (Summer 2014)
  • Went on/successfully completed a number of hikes this Spring that I'd never done before. Ran into bears and skunks for the first time ever as well. (Spring 2014)
  • After 30 years of not having photos taken of myself, I got the hang of The Selfie. (Spring 2014)

  • Figured out how to create a playlist on Youtube. (Spring 2014)
  • Decided to start flooding social media (as if one pic a day is 'flooding') with photos of beautiful BC. I updated my instagram and twitter feed with snap shots of neighbourhood, Vancouver and anything stunning in this area. Like sunsets and flowers and shorelines. Expect an increase in tourism. Hahaha. 




  • Sent messages of thanks (via twitter) to writers, actors, producers, directors, musicians whose work I've appreciated.(Spring 2014)

  • Read my first ever e-book on my Kindle. (Jan 2014)
  • Had my first ever RMT massage. (Jan 2014)
  • Visited Parksville on Vancouver Island. (Jan 2014)

Looking forward to a buncha firsts in 2015...

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. My room? It's so clean. I sorted through my clothes and came up with a huge (garbage) bag of garments to donate. Also? A bag of shoes to give away. And? 3000 pounds of paper (finally opened a few months worth of mail) to recycle. I feel so much lighter. I am thankful that I had time this weekend to clean out my living space.

My entire wardrobe, except underwear, t-shirts and bathing suits. Every article of clothing I own is here:

2. I am thankful for twinkle lights. Seriously. The most magical of all light sources.

3. I am thankful for quiet work spaces. Got so much done this evening. Two hours at home, in the evening, with no interruptions > 8 hours at the office. :)

Shalom, friends

Monday, October 27, 2014

Mushrooms and Squirrels


I took about a million pics.
Well because.

I've never seen mushrooms like this before.

Looks fake, no?

But it's totally not. It's real.


WHOA, eh?

Today was stunning.
After a week of rain, today's weather was a gift.

So we went for a walk.

Thank you, God.
For this weekend.

Especially today.

Can I pray for our vehicles?
Clint's. Mine. My dad's. Drew's, And Danica's.
You know the issues.
Just going to trust that you'll give us a hand.

Thank you for seasons.
Thank you for making Autumn such a colorful one.

THAT was a good idea for us summer lovers.
If we have to say good bye to sunny days, at least we have colourful days to look forward to.

I pray for your wisdom this week.
Fill my mind and mouth with thoughts and words that come from you.

I'm second-guessing much of what I've said and done this past week, and I hate that.
The second-guessing part.
I'd rather have peace.

So, I'm asking for wisdom right up front, even before this next week starts.
Muzzle my mouth if I'm going to say something stupid, unkind, sarcastic or hurtful.

Sometimes it feels like I'm always praying about the same things. (People with addictions, marriages, new babies, folks who need jobs, entertainment industry, unrest/wars in other parts of the world, our leaders, my kids ...) Are you tired of me going on about it over and over again?

Or are You OK with my nagging/begging/pleading/asking?

Thank you.
For, like, everything.
This life.
This corner of the world.
This day.
This place to live.

Thank you for loving me,

Thank you for loving my kids.
Can you put an extra hedge of protection around them this week?
Hold them close?
Guide their footsteps?
Open and close doors according to Your will for their lives?
Woo them?


Saturday, October 25, 2014

It Has Been A Week of Books and Movies

... books and movies and a whole lot of work.

This is The Busy Season.
So many hours of list making.
And juggling deadlines.
And watching creative people be creative.
And sweet talking print sales people into rushing our orders.
And putting out little fires (challenges) that pop up from time to time.


Plus there's been a ton of rain.
So I've not been walking.
Lots of indoor activities, in other words.

Earlier this week it was book club, Gone Girl and Fury.

Thursday night it was dinner at a friend's house:

Yes, It was amazingly tasty. She is good with food.

And then, she stretched herself and made a chocolate dessert for me, even though desserts are not her thing:

It's Chocolate Mousse.

And yup. It was better than you could imagine.

Her daughter had dinner with us and? Well. It was just so nice.
Not that I'd want to trade in any of my sons, necessarily, but a daughter would have been grand. Maybe I should have had a fourth?

We then sat and talked for hours and solved all the world's problems.
We are awesome like that.

Started with a phone call from Clint who is using my truck.
(The head gasket blew on his, and he's saving up to buy a new truck. So I'm driving my dad's pick up. (Again) while he drives my Escape.

I was dead asleep when he called.

Him: Ever have that thing where you key won't start your truck?
Me: Whaaaa time zit?
Him: Where everything jams because the electronics are screwed and the truck doesn't recognize your key?
Me: Uhhhhhhhhhhhm
Him: It's because something got wet and its all short circuiting and nothing works and this truck is useless.
Me: I'm shorrry.
Him: And I have a shoot and all my gear is packed up and I'm going to lose a day of work and
Me: Um. Do you want me to drive over and pick you up? I can leave in 3 minutes.
(It wouldn't have been pretty. I was still mostly asleep.)
Him: No. I'd be three hours late. You have to fix this truck.
Me: I'm getting the pick-up fixed on Tuesday, New brakes.
Him: Bye

So I just prayed.
Didn't know what else to do.

He texted me a few minutes later:
Him: I took out the battery and jiggled the engine. It's started now.
Me (to myself, Thank you, Jesus): Good. Hope you can still make your shoot...

Today was a crazy busy day at work.
It seemed there was a tiny catastrophe every 15 minutes. Nothing big, but something.
You know what I mean?
I spent the day thinking up then executing Plan B's.

I'm becoming an expert at Good Alternatives.

It's a handy skill.

My routine this week has been:
Go To Work
Go From Work to A Thing (movie, book club, dinner with a friend)
Go Home at 11 pm
Work Another Hour or Two
Go To Work
Go From Work to A Thing
... etc

Today was no different.
I went from work to dinner to a movie:

SO good.
I recommend it.

Solid acting.
Great story,

Father and son relationships. So tricky, yes?

And tomorrow morning?

At 9 am? I am leaving the house (GASP) to attend a Birthday Brunch.
I have a feeling this is going to be a new thing in my life.
I guess we're getting at that age where people don't like going out at night.

I mentioned this brunch thing to a couple people at work, and they all nodded, like 'yes. Morning gatherings. So much wiser. We're up at 6 anyways.'

We are?
Oh man.
I am so going to suck at this whole aging thing.

When I asked if I should bring anything, the response was, "Just a sunny, happy disposition."
I'm to be happy?

Oh man.


Somewhere in the midst of all that, I finished reading The Dovekeepers.

It's about the Siege of Masada in 73 AD.

A remnant of Jewish families (about 900 people) camped out/lived on Masada for years, hiding from the Romans. Eventually the Roman army (10,000 strong) gathered below with the intent to kill them all. This book is that story, told through the lives of the four women who tended to the doves.

Fascinating story.

Looking forward to the CBS mini series next year...
Filming wrapped up this week on Malta.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends;

2. Fall trees:

3. Answered prayer.