Friday, August 1, 2014

Currently. July 2014

Things I am:

Obsessing over,

Working on, 
Thinking about, 
Listening to,
Praying for,
Happy about,

Wow. July zoomed by awfully quickly. Can't believe its time to do this again...

Okie doke:

1. Things I am obsessing over:

  • Making the most of this summer. The absolute most. I want to be outside. Or inside. I want to be with people. Or not. I want to eat good food. Or just eat salads. I want to read books, see movies, walk, talk, take pictures, stay up late, sleep in, see new things, go places... Yes. I am obsessive about having a good summer.
  • Still a little bit overly fond of certain aspects of Northern England. That accent slays me. (If I ever actually meet someone from that corner of the world, I'm going to ask them to say many words with the letter U in them. Like. "Pump up the shut in grub under the country umbrella because love understands and ugly bumblebees are much too cumbersome." I don't care that it doesn't make sense.) My table mates at a recent wedding were from Wales and had family in Manchester. Random encounters like this just fuel the fire. 
  • Compared to others, I am not, NOT, obsessing about the upcoming Outlander series on TV. I am merely looking forward to it. Oh My Goodness, there are obsessed fans out there. Last weekend was Comic-Con and It. Was. Nuts on the internet. My feeds are still full. People are buzzing. (Ohhh buzzing. And bussing. And bust. Good U words. I'll have to add a second sentence for that Northern Englishperson to say.)
2. Things I am working on:
  • I am working on getting back into walking. I hurt/pulled/snapped something on the back of my calf earlier this month, and haven't walked hard for about 3 weeks. The pain. Oh the shooting, blinding, awful pain. But I did a hill-walk tonight and it was good. So Good. Summer evening walks are the best. I really should move to a country that has more than 8 weeks of summer weather. 
  • Pffft. That No-Bread, No-Chocolate-Bars-Through-The-Summer thing? I stopped working on that two minutes after I mentioned it. I am a loser. A loser of everything but weight. So I'm not working on that anymore. 
  • And I'm working on This Thing. It's a God Thing. About a month ago at church there was a sermon on preparing yourself to have conversations about your faith. Know how to share it. Know how to defend it. Know why you believe. Know what you believe. Be ready to have intelligent conversations about it. He mentioned a website with short videos that we should visit. He warned us that we will be challenged on our faith, and we needed to be armed. I nodded and agreed and made a note to check out that website and never did. Then two weeks later I had to defend my faith intelligently and totally blew it. And was kicking myself that I hadn't gone to that website and figured a few things out, so that I could be smart about my beliefs. But two weeks passed AND I STILL HADN'T DONE ANYTHING ABOUT THIS. And then I got a random text message from a young (mid-20's) friend who asked if I could do her a favor? She and a guy were writing a book and they wondered if I'd read and review each chapter? They were hoping I'd give them detailed feedback on both content and style. The topic of the book - Knowing What You Believe. The guy? Is the SAME GUY WHO MADE THE VIDEOS ON THE WEBSITE THAT I WAS SUPPOSED TO VISIT. Hahahahaha. WHEN GOD WANTS YOU TO DO SOMETHING - HE WILL MAKE SURE YOU GET THE MESSAGE. Loud and clear. Sometimes you're not sure what God is saying. Other times? Oh my goodness. It's like He's got a megaphone and He's sent a detailed set of directions. So. That's what I'm working on this summer. 
3. Things I am thinking about:
  • I am thinking about taking some of my 'house money' and buying a few things for the cabin. Like new beds. 
  • I am thinking about my life. And how it must look from the angle of people peeking in via this blog or facebook. I make assumptions about people based on their online activity... strangers might be doing the same about me. Am I giving an accurate portrayal of life as a divorced mom with insecurities and hopes? How important is it that I share the truth? Who cares? Am I just sharing the best version of my life? Will my great, great granddaughter, the one named Kate, will she even be interested? 
  • I am thinking about that production manual that I was planning on writing this summer. It's not done yet. I am thinking I should giddy up. 
  • I am thinking about genetics. And how we pass down more than just our hair thickness and eye-colour to future generations. We pass down traditions. And culture. And beliefs. And what the heck am I intentionally passing along to my (future) grandchildren? My Omi's name was Elizabeth. She has a granddaughter, (my cousin, Ellie) named after her. And a great granddaughter (my cousin Tim's daughter) named Ellie. And a great, great granddaughter (Sadie Elisabeth) with her name as well. Besides her name, what has she passed down to us through the ages? A fierce love of family. An independent spirit. An unbelievably strong work ethic. Her unwavering faith. WHAT AM I PASSING ALONG?
4. Things I am anticipating:
  • Celebrating a few birthdays
  • Squeezing the life out of this summer. More evenings at the beach. More Friday night adventures. More laughing with friends. More time spent on decks and patios. 
  • I am anticipating a longing to buy school supplies to hit me at the end of the month.
  • Taking another couple thousand photos this summer. 
5. I am listening to:
  • The fridge hum. And the clocks in this house tick and chime. 
  • And I WOULD be listening to All My Favorite Songs if I'd set up my You Tube playlist gmail address to sync with my Blogger gmail address. But I have too many gmail accounts and I can't listen to tunes and blog at the same time. I really need a sound system that is one step removed from my laptop. Seriously. My whole life is in my lap. 
  • Creationfest is on right now. I had taken these days off (Thursday and Friday) with hopes that I'd be able to talk someone, anyone, into going with me. Everybody in the whole wide world is doing super fun things with their children this weekend. So I am Not listening to live music at a festival right now. In case you were wondering.)
6. I am eating:
  • Well. It's 2 am. And I went for a long walk at 11. So I came back and ate some tiny tomatoes. 
  • And some carrots.
  • BUT I was craving a Frozen Nestle CRUNCH chocolate bar. And a generous helping of Tuna Casserole. Neither of which I had.
  • So I had a slice of peach pie with vanilla ice cream. 
7. I am praying for:
  • SO, so, so many things to pray for these days. Friends' whose parents are having a health crisis. Friends' whose kids are having a health crisis. Friends who are discouraged. Friends with broken hearts. Friends who needs jobs. Friends who ache for peace in their lives. Friends who physically ache and need healing. Friends who are struggling in their relationships. Friends who are struggling financially. Friends who are just tired. Friends who need friends. Friends who need clarity. Folks planning weddings. Folks who just got married. All the new babies. And their parents. 
8. I am reading:
  • I am re-reading the Outlander series in anticipation of reading BOOK 8 (the latest release) before Christmas. I am half-way through Book 4. (But keep going back to where ever Jenn is, and re-reading 10 - 15 pages whatever section she's in, so we can talk about it.)
  • I stopped in at Nuggets last weekend with (1/2) my writing group and picked up a few books. Can't remember what they are. Too lazy to go looking. Might update this section later this weekend. If I remember.
9. I am happy about:
  • OK. I'm happy about this ... Earlier this evening, I started a Facebook conversation with my boys. (Asking about this weekend/Drew's birthday.) Then I went for my walk. I wasn't wearing much. And what I had on, didn't have pockets, so I held my phone in my hand. And while I was walking, my phone would vibrate whenever one of them would add a comment to the thread I started. It was just the best feeling to be outside, in the warm, summer, evening air, alone with thoughts and dreams in my head, and my kids' conversation buzzing in the palm of my hand. They were talking to each other, and I could physically feel it. All kinds of awesome. 
10. I am wishing:
  • For 31 days of sunshine this month.
  • For answered prayer.
  • For peace in the middle east. 
  • For wisdom.


Thursday, July 31, 2014

4000 Posts

That? Is a whole lotta words.
Mostly nonsense.
But there you have it. It's the internet. Anyone can post words on it. They don't have to be meaningful at all.

So. If you don't mind, I'm just going to go ahead and add more clutter to the web. It's my right. As a resident of earth.


First up. This video of my friend, Rachel's daughter eating a lime. SO FUN:

(Entertaining, no?)


My fav pics from the past few days:
Starting with tonight... An Evening of Firsts, (for me):

Straight from work, over to a friend's place for a swim.
No, I didn't get wet.
I sat on the edge and dangled my feet.

Twas lovely.
A gentle way to transition between my work week and my super long weekend (which began at 5:30 today. Woot.)

We had dinner together:

and for The First Time Ever, I had beans.
Never had 'em before.
She made them from scratch, and they were delish.

We were finishing our meals when she suggested,
She: Hey should we go see a movie?
Her: Uh, OK.
Me: I don't think we have time, it's already 7:30
She: (checking the listings on her ipad) And So It Goes starts at 7:40. We can make it if we leave now.
Her: My hair...
She: I have no make up on.
Me: I'm not wearing a bra or panties.
She: Let's take the Lexus.

(There were three of us. I sat sideways in the back seat because there is no room for legs (or my ass) back there.  Not an inch. And I? Was wedged in tight. Hips and shoulders were squeezed in, with no room to move. Thank goodness it was a convertible, because if there had been a roof, I would have had a panic attack. Claustrophobia.)

So. That was a first for me. In an old bathing suit, sitting in the back of a sports car, with no access to a seatbelt, praying we wouldn't get in an accident. Because. No underwear. On the way to a movie.

I'd give it a 5 out of 10.
It had a few funny moments, but Enough Said with James Gandolfini and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (about mature folks dating) was funnier and maybe more realistic.

But it didn't matter. We enjoyed it.
For me, the actual film is only part of the experience. Alot of my movie-going enjoyment comes from the conversations before and after.

And we talked long after the movie ended.
About stuff and things and sex and relationships and weddings and sons and moms and daughers and we ate this while we chatted:

(Rhubarb Platz. And this? I'd never had before. And it? WAS DELICIOUS. )

And this?
Is my friend's other set of wheels.
She wondered if I wanted to get one too ...

How fun would THAT be?
A whole lot.

Last night?
(Tues eve)

I hung out with a friend in White Rock.
She used to be the youngest motorcycle instructor in Canada.
(So if I do buy a bike, I know she'd help me learn how to ride.)

In fact, while we were walking, she asked me to take a pic of this bike...
She used to ride a crotch rocket, but is leaning toward this style for her next one:

We could form a gang.
And we'd have leather outfits.
And cool helmets.
And amazing boots.
And secret handshakes.

Or not.

While we walked, we talked about big things.
Like faith.
And God.
She wondered if I'd always believed.
And didn't I ever have moments of doubt?

And trust.
We talked about trusting God.
And how hard that is sometimes.

And travel.
She's off to northern Europe, on her own.
For three weeks.

I'm in awe.
So brave.
And adventurous.

I introduced her to gelato.
Yay me.
Fattening up the world, one person at a time.

On Monday night, I popped in on my cousins.
All of my Uncle John's kids were in Canada at the same time for about a 48 hour period. (They'd come from London, Germany and New York). (My dad's kids? Live in Surrey, Surrey and Langley.) (We sure didn't venture far from home.)

Anyway, I met up with them and took pics of Tim's girls:

So cute.

And from there, I moseyed on up to the lake for night...

(Wildflower bouquet.)
(My first attempt at floral arranging.)
(I mostly suck.)

I sat outside on the deck and looked at the stars.
So incredibly awesome.
So many.
So bright.
So pretty.

So lucky.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends. Old and new. Younger and older. I am so appreciative.
2. New experiences. New places to sit in cars. New foods to try.
3. FIVE days off in a row. With this weather forecast:


Monday, July 28, 2014

The Best

Just finishing up an epic summer weekend...

  • Dinner and movie with two of my most favorite people in my world on Friday night.
  • Retreat with my Writing Group on Saturday morning til Sunday afternoon at the lake. I love that these friends are 10 - 15 years younger than me, come from totally non-Mennonite backgrounds, were born and raised in different countries, have wildly different life experiences from me AND YET we find things to talk about for 24 straight hours. 
  • And then on Sunday evening, I was privileged to be able to celebrate the wedding of one friend's son to another friend's daughter.  

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends

2. Friends

3.  Young love:

Mature love:


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Some Days ...

... Some days are just awesome.

EVEN IF YOU SEE A CRAPPY MOVIE - it's still a good day.

(I don't recommend Hercules.)
(Unless you think Daryl Johnson is cute. Then go see it.)
(Because you see alot of him in this flick. He wears a short leather skirt.)
(So. Legs.)

But in the end, for me, it's not about the movie. It's about the person I saw it with. It's the whole package. The dinner first. Or the coffee after. It's the conversation. It's the relationship. It's the shared experience. I am such a girl.


As predicted, Outlander news exploded all over my internet. Sam and Cait and Diana were on a panel this afternoon, plus there was an advance screening of the first episode this evening. This is a Big Deal if you're an Outlander fan.

Which, by the way, I am.

My bum was in Langley, but my heart was in San Diego.


Three things I'm thankful for:

1. The sun is back. For AT LEAST 14 days. I am going to take my Flex Days even though I'm not going anywhere. I am going to spend those days off with pay HERE. In BC. In the sun.

2. Baby Powder

3. Answered prayer


Friday, July 25, 2014

It's 2 am.

Know what I'm doing?

Eating the last of the chocolate chip cookie dough that my sister handed me after she cut my hair yesterday. Oh yes I am.
And oh yes, I do have the best sister ever.

(Feels like sib-week. Saw my brother again (twice in the same month. WHOA) when he came to check on our flooded media room and non-working laundry-room tap.

He fixed it like a boss then gave me a ride to the freeway so I could walk back home. This is what brothers do.)

Getting back to tonight.
Know what else I'm doing?

I'm chatting with Jenn about Book 3 in the Outlander series.

It's our new thing. We check in at midnight most nights via Facebook PM. (Private Message) and talk about the story line. And Diana's amazing writing skills. And the upcoming mini series. (That starts in two weeks.)

And how Comic Con would have been The Event of a Lifetime to attend this year.

My twitter feed and facebook timeline are both bursting with Outlander/Jamie news.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. An upcoming mini-reunion with a friend from forever-ago in October. I can hardly wait.

2. A mini-retreat with my writing group this weekend. (Pffft. We're just going to talk about Outlander, I think.)

3. A wedding this weekend. People still fall in love. I'm thankful for that.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Random bits from the weekend and beyond:

We’re both sitting at the table, dealing with files, (hers are actual - mine are digital) both of us wearing ear buds listening to our own playlists on our respective laptops. She’s at a Passion Concert, lifting her hands and singing worship songs with a bunch of Pentecostals. I’m in an Irish pub humming along to Galway girl.

We both take off our ear buds at the same time.
“We need to go to a Passion Concert,” she says.
“We need to go to Ireland,” I say at the same time. 
“OK," we say in unison. 

Have I mentioned my leg?
I think I snapped something in the back. Like, in my calf. I can bearly walk.
I checked online and either I am going to die in a few minutes of a blood clot or I will be forever lame because I’ve torn a tendon. Walking, not a sport for wimps.
Also, my dentist called. I need gum/bone surgery in my mouth.

Aging: the fun never stops.


Its only when you spend a lot time with other women that you notice (or its pointed out to you) how very 'different' you are from 'normal' women. 

For example:
(Well the biggest examples are, hello? Normal women are married. And don't live in the basement of their parent's place. But, in addition to that, there are other things I do that make me unlike most women...)

I like using tea towels as dish cloths. They are more efficient. (Use the largest tool for the job. A couple swipes across the counter, and you're done. None of this going back and forth a million times ...)
Most women, apparently, prefer small dish cloths, that when scrunched, fit entirely inside their hands.

I like keeping the dish soap under the sink. It's not a decorative item, it doesn't belong on the counter. Also, those Costco scrubby things with suction cups under their handles? I prefer to keep mine inside the sink when I'm done. It's not decorative  - why have it on display, upside down, on the edge of the sink?

I am a minority in this matter. 

And in others, as well.
Like, the smell of fresh basil? GAG.

Cilantro? The entire world’s most popular herb/flavor? NOT A FAN.

I think I'm going to make this a regular feature. 
The Minority Report: an ongoing list of all the things that make me unique/different/totally weird. 
Maybe it will help you feel less alone in your own individual quirkiness. 


On Sunday morning, instead of my usual sleeping-in-til-my-body-wants-to-get-out-of-bed routine, I set my alarm so that I could meet my kin and take some pics.

My dad's side of the family grew by one this week, and I was going to hold her...
Nothing like a newborn in your arms. NOTHING.

Meet Sadie Elisabeth:

These be my people:

My dad's brother, his son, his grandson, his great grandchildren. 
(In case you were wondering.)

And then it was my turn:

Happy sigh.


Today after work, my mom and I went looking for a vehicle for her ...

I sent the following text to Drew:

And then a few hours later, while we were at our first dealership, the conversation continued:

Then my sister texted me wondering where mom was.
"She's with me. We're sitting in a Cadillac."

Sent her this pic:

Drew arrived before we signed any sales agreement ...

... and made a few suggestions that were helpful.

We drove through a few more car lots then went out for dinner.
We were all in agreement... car salesmen are a breed unto themselves. 

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. New babies.
2. Time spent with my boy.
3. Happy surprises.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Husbands Who Travel ...

...leave behind women who are free to play. With me!

I am thankful for friends who's (whose?)  husbands go out of town.

Because of weekends like this one.

A (potentially) wet weekend at the lake with 172 DVD's, 6 bags of groceries, a ton of paper to be sorted (her) and a computer full of photo files that need culling (me).

After a dinner of salads (gag) we moved right into our snacks (Chocolate, me) (raw dates and coconut, her) while watching our first movie of the night: Pitch Perfect.

I smiled (when I wasn't cringing) through the whole thing. There's just something about watching teamwork and creativity that I absolutely love. Like, alot.

It's inspiring, no? To watch a group of talented, enthusiastic people come together to create something magical ...

Especially musical, dance-y people. I am such a fan. 

Every time they mashed a new song, I quickly found it on Youtube and added it to my playlist.


Me: I wonder if there are acapella competitions in real life?
Her: Uh
Me: I'm googling it.
Her: And?
Me: YES. ICCA. Regionals in Oregon in January.
Her: We need something to look forward to. Let's go.
Me: I'll get on the email list.
Her: Maybe google past events. See if any of the acts are on Youtube. We don't want to waste our time.
Me: Right. But if they're good, we totally should go.

We sang along to every song (she with a voice that sings. Me with a voice that talks low) and got up to dance/get more snacks when we couldn't sit still (her with a body that moves easily. Me with one that is more self-conscious and stiff.)

Me: You know how in Groundhog Day and Edge of Tomorrow Bill and Tom use the repetitiveness of their days to learn something? Like how to speak another language or become a great soldier? I think I should take advantage of my days' repetitiveness and learn how to swim. If I take lessons and practice everyday, I bet in ten years I'd be able to swim.
Her: It wouldn't take ten years.
Me: It probably would. I don't like getting my head wet.
Me: Or. I'd like to learn to dance.
Her: That's a better idea.
Me: Like, not professionally or anything. But I'd like to be able to move my body to a beat. Be loose. Free. Confident. And not look dorky. I want to learn some moves.
Her: Line dancing. Choreographed dancing. You should learn that. It's the best.
Me: Yeah, like 'be a part of something'. Everyone doing the same steps and I would be a part of the 'everyone'.

We put in our second movie of the night, The Best Marigold Hotel and settle in to watch kids at the other end of the age spectrum.

Me: I don't want to end up like Maggie Smith's character.
Her: Me either.
Me: I think I want to be like Judi Dench's character. Inquisitive. Friendly. Open to new experiences and new friendships. Remind me.
Her: K.

And then, half way through, the movie stopped. It Just Got Stuck. We restarted. We took out the disk and cleaned it. We blew in the Blu Ray player's opening. We tried everything. Finally we gave up.

Her: Do you have a Blu Ray player in your room?
Me: Yeaaaah.
Her: Let's try it on that. We can watch on your bed.
Me: Yeah, sure. (I said casually, like it's everyday I have someone relax on my bed and watch TV right beside me, possibly touching.)
Her: I'll get my contacts out and grab my pillow.
Me: (to myself) This'll be fun. Lookit me not being a wreck.

We set it all up and settled onto our respective half's of my bed.
I was doing this.
July 18.
Big day for me.

I am a moron.

And then the movie got stuck again at exactly the same spot, and we couldn't advance it past that so we gave up.

Such an anti-climatic end to our movie-watching day.

Will move on to Call the Midwife, Season 3 on Saturday. And maybe some Russell Crowe flicks. Possibly New Girl, Season 2. Walter Mitty. X-Men.

It's gonna be a fine weekend...

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Youtube. Hava listen:


3. Music

4. Talented people

5. Creativity

6. Time

7. The Internet

8. Texts from my kids. Well, not all texts. But ones that say, "love you", for example.

9. Hope

10. Toe nail polish

11. Memories

12. People who share their stories

13. People who share their passions

14. Kindness

15. Birdsong at twilight

16. Breezes

17. Shared joys

18. Patient people

19. Words

20. Buttered popcorn

21. Ice water

22. Frozen chocolate bars

23. Raspberries

24. Potpourri

25. Green

26. Blue eyes

27. Plans

28. Forgiveness

29. Friends

30. Music:

Friday, July 18, 2014

A Prayer. And Some Pics.

Last night I wore a hat and went into the ocean. 
Not at the same time. 
But still.

After work, Heather invited me to 'her' beach and drove us over there in her sexy convertible.
Thus the need for a hat. 
And a bathing suit. 
(Which were worn at the same time. In her car. With the top off. On that new freeway. Going fast. And heading west. Which was wonderful.)

Once we got to the beach, I took off the hat (I really have too much head for a hat) and accepted the floatation device she offered me, seeing as I cannot swim. Due to a strong incoming current and wimpy arms and a high level of fear when not being able to touch the bottom, I gave back the floaty and simply bobbed in the water. 

Me. In an ocean. In the evening. Getting wet. 
There are days I have to look in the mirror just to ensure it's still me inside this body. 

After we got out, we walked over to a Secret Neighbourhood Garden that is hidden between people's back yards and an empty, undeveloped lot at the end of a no-through road. It's a neighbourhood project that's been going on for years. IT IS A GEM. 

To conclude our evening together, we watched Philomena, which she hadn't seen before. She is a satisfying movie-watching-partner because she is so expressive during the emotional/surprising scenes. 

Know what?
Evenings like this (well, actually, most summer evenings this year) feel like mini-vacations. I don't have any summer holiday plans, but evenings and weekends have the ability to recharge my batteries nicely. 

Pictures of last night's adventure to follow in between the words of something I wrote out for a new friend who asked me to pray for her. I sent it to her a few weeks ago; and apparently she printed it off and prayed it, herself, every day since then. And while things haven't turned out like she hoped, she knows that God is in this. 

He is right there, in the pain. 
He is right there, in the healing. 
He listens. And cares. And He sees the big picture. We have to trust that.

(I'm changing the words of the prayer slightly to make it less personal. In case you're wondering.)

Me in the white baseball cap. 

Dear God, 

Someone I care about is feeling mixed up and lost. Could You help her with that?
She’s having a rough time with being separtate from someone she loves, and well, You know that. 

Could You comfort her during this time? Give her peace? And maybe some wisdom too?

What is Your will in this? Could You let her know?

Its' hard not being with someone you care for – could You help her fill her days with meaning and joy?

God? Who should she spend time with? What would You have her do? God, I pray that this summer would not drag on and on with unmet longings, but one filled with new/renewed relationships, new experiences, and a closer connection to You.

I pray that this season would be one filled with wonder. Open her eyes to see the things You want her to notice. 

Remind her that You’ve created her with a set of talents and gifts that are unique and needed in this world. Nudge her to use them this summer in whatever circumstances she finds herself in. Give her the courage to be the woman You designed her to be.

Fill her life with companions of Your choosing. Let her be a blessing to them. If she’s feeling lost, give her purpose.

If this relationship with her fella is Your idea, then I pray You would give them the strength to make it work despite the separation. Give them both wisdom to proceed with love and respect. And if this relationship is just for a season, and not forever, give them the wisdom to know that as well.

And God? 
If they are heading for a break-up, I pray that it would end well.

That they both would be respectful of each other's feelings. 
That they would end things with words of encouragement. 
That there would be kindness and good will in their parting.

Give them strength and wisdom and the right words.

While I’m at it, God, I’m going to pray for NA and AA communities in New West, Vancouver and England. 

I pray that You would protect those folks who are connected in a recovery community from temptations that threaten to overwhelm. I pray for their meetings. Could you post some of Your angels at the doorway and on the roofs so that evil cannot enter? May those who attend be welcomed and feel Your peace. May there be authenticity, healing and hope at these meetings. 

God I pray for those who are still struggling with addiction – could you guide them towards the NA/AA communities in their neighbourhood? Could you provide them with new friends who are in recovery, and who will walk alongside?

I pray that You will give those who are hurting the boost they need to get through another day.

I pray they'll feel Your love today.

And tomorrow.

And everyday.

Who's that, then? Haha. A mirror in the garden. For selfies. 


While I was working on this post, I was chatting with Jenn, my late night Outlander reading buddy, and she, reading my earlier post this evening (Links and Love) sent me a link to a song. I had been saying, (in regards to that last post) that I didn't add any original material to the already cluttered internet. All I did was regurgitate words that were already there.

This is the song - SAY SOMETHING...

I got goosebumps listening to it, while writing out that prayer above, because it was so timely. Jenn had no idea I was working on another blog post (seriously, TWO in one evening?) about aching hearts and broken relationships ....

"Say Something"

Say something, I'm giving up on you
I'll be the one, if you want me to
Anywhere I would've followed you
Say something, I'm giving up on you

And I am feeling so small
It was over my head
I know nothing at all

And I will stumble and fall
I'm still learning to love
Just starting to crawl

Say something, I'm giving up on you
I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you
Anywhere I would've followed you
Say something, I'm giving up on you

And I will swallow my pride
You're the one that I love
And I'm saying goodbye

Say something, I'm giving up on you
And I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you
And anywhere I would've followed you (Oh-oh-oh-oh)
Say something, I'm giving up on you

Say something, I'm giving up on you
Say something...