Monday, May 30, 2016

Full to Overflowing

I usually sleep in on Sundays. Especially wet ones.
But Kevin and Sharon were going to be installed as Lead Pastor couple at Coastal Hills Community Church at 10:30 am, so I hauled my butt out of bed and drove around Cloverdale looking for their meeting place.

I finally let Google maps direct me and I got there just in time to find one of the few empty seats down the centre aisle right in the front. Exactly my favourite spot to sit in a brand new environment where I only know one family and they'll be busy getting commissioned on stage.

Seriously. You'd think that after 20 years of going to places alone, it would get easier. Hell no. Every. Single. Time. I have to pep talk myself against turning around and driving home.

Anyway, two seconds after the service started, I was being hugged by behind from a friend from the olden days. Like, olden, olden, days. Haha. And then two worship songs later, her husband, whom I went to high school with, tapped me on the shoulder and gave me a hug too. Turns out, I knew a few folks there. And they all were in huggy moods.

And then I got super lucky and had the privilege of being able to hold this little angel for a few minutes...

She is so very sweet.

Then, seeing it's right in the same neighbourhood, and it just seemed like the right thing to do - I stopped in to sit with my dad for a few minutes.

He loved Kevin and would've been at this service today, had he been able to/still been alive.

If people in heaven have the option of watching us bungle around on earth, I think he would've been cheering Kevin on.

It would've been his 80th birthday on May 18.
And today was my brother's birthday.

This was my first visit to the graveside.
I don't think of him as being here, at all. He's in heaven. Telling stories. And making things with a Holy router, smelling like sawdust.

Memories of him abound up at the lake, or over at the farm. And even in the house I'm living in.
This was very pleasant, but not terribly meaningful.

From here, I went over to the mall.
It was drizzly when I got dressed at 9 am.
But the sky was clearing and the black pants, brown boots I had on were all wrong.

The mall was packed and hot. And I was uncomfortable x 1000.
I returned two bathing suits, then bought some sleeveless tops and a pair of rhinestone-y heeled flip flops. And some flat white shoes and an over-the-shoulder/cross-body bag to hold my camera and passport. And brought my camera and neck strap over to London Drugs to ask them to attach it for me. She talked me into getting a wrist strap instead, which she put on for me. And then I got an adapter and a bunch of $1 chocolate bars. And luggage tags. And travel size tooth paste and other misc toiletries and my feet were on fire and my legs were boiling hot and I still had more stores to go to. Like Sephora, for make-up, which was 100 degrees with all those lights. And the afternoon seemed to take forever. Because, MALL.

And I really hate shopping. So much walking carrying bags and a purse, and legs in pants and feet in boots and sigh.

I eventually made it home and immediately removed all unnecessary outerwear and my room looked like this:

I was going to go out for dinner with Drew and Danica, so I called to see where we were meeting and he said, "We're coming over to your place instead."
Me: OK. Am I cooking? What do you want?
Him: Let's order pizza.

And then SURPRISE! They all them showed up.

And they brought me a gift.

A new camera.
For my trip. (And my birthday.)
(Was important to them that I have the latest equipment.)

You should hear the shutter on this baby.
So sexy.

So I took many pictures.

And they put up with me making that shutter clunk 100 times in 15 minutes.

Pizza and wings for supper.

And then I brought up all my $1 chocolate bars (intended for the plane ride) which we ate for dessert, while we played Scattegories.

And then the mosquitoes came out, so everyone went home and I cleaned my room and started packing. It's now 4 am.

I am an idiot.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1, These people in my family.
2. Sunny evening after a morning of wet.
3. Full day overflowing with Very Good Things.
4. My new camera.


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tattoo. (And hat.)

After reading yesterday's blog post, a friend messaged me with the advice that I shouldn't get my tattoo in Vietnam. I should get it done close to home, in Vancouver.


I did it even closer to home than that.
I got it in my bathroom.

Because if I'm anything? I'm totally not cool.

I also suck at taking selfies.
(I forgot my make up at work, so I don't want to take a pic of my face.
Nor do I want the mess of my bedroom to show up.
And I'm doing laundry, so my decent bra is wet.)

But I have a temporary tat (HAHAHA) and a HAT (that I bought at the dollar store yesterday) and WISPS of blue hair (THAT IS MOSTLY HIDING UNDER YELLOW HAIR).

SO much cropping.

(I do not know how to focus a camera while looking in a mirror and trying to hide this and cover that.)

There it is.
It says I love Odyssey.

(Haha, Like as in, Adventures In Odyssey.)

It was a test tattoo our creative department designed for an upcoming conference. We'll be handing them out. The quality is great, so we'll be ordering a few more - this time with the character's faces. My right bicep will soon have white-haired 80-year old Whit on it.

You are so jealous.

Also I really need to go buy some make up.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. Friends who say, "Hey let's do something on Saturday night." And when I say 'Sure, what'd you have in mind?" and she replies with, "Can I come to church with you, and then go out afterwards to talk?"

2. I love Saturdays.

3. That hat? Barely fits. I have a fat German head. But it has an elasticized strap - so I can put that under my chins is it gets windy.


PS My mom approves of the red bra. "Your boobs look good up there."

Mid Life Crisis?

I have turquoise highlights in my hair.

Wanna see?

I got to the salon at 7 and watched Danica do her thing way over there, at her station.

So proud of her.
She reminds me of my sister back in the days when she worked in a salon.

She wrapped a warm towel around my neck then put a gown over my white sweater. She slipped away to mix some dye then came back and said, "What do you think?"

Haha. I think she is an amazing mind reader because those are exactly my favorite colours. LOVED them,

So she painted it on. And used foil. FIRST TIME ever with the whole foil process.

An hour later, voila. Peek a boo colour, just like I wanted.

That's an underlayer of peacock-coloured hair. My regular hair is on top. So you can't really see it unless I walk around with the top layer bunched up in my hand. Which I don't usually do. I need that hand for other things. Like holding my camera.

Seeing this pic, I can understand why my sister is planning on cutting off my hair after D + D's wedding. Holy smokes this is an inappropriate hair length for a 55 year old.

It  (the streaks of colour) is less obvious after I dropped the top layer of hair back in place.

(But it's kinda fun knowing they're under there...)

I'm getting a tattoo tomorrow.

Three things I'm thankful for:

1. I have fun hair underneath my boring hair.
2. Sort of like having a red lacy push up bra under my boring black tops.
3. And right now? My head is soft and smells awesome.

Thank you Danica.
I love it x  1,000.

Shameless plug for my Drew's girl:

She works at Vivid Hair Boutique  #190 - 8700 200th St Langley 604.371.3737

And this is her Instagram account.

Samples of her crazy ability to make hair wild and beautiful:

Makes my colour look tame now, doesn't it?